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José Pacheco: Panxoliña

Villancico is a Spanish genre that went through several forms. The name is a diminutive of “Villano”: peasant, indicating its secular origin. After 1600 it took on a more religious form, although the texts often featured secular characters and thereby functioned as social criticism. After 1800 the term became more or less synonymous with “Christmas Carol”.

José Pacheco (15 December 1784 — 23 March 1865) was a Spanish church musician, leading the music at the cathedral of Montoñedo for 60 years. He had a special fondness for Christmas carols, writing 150 of them, of which 29 in the Galician language.

Last time I looked, IMSLP did not list many compositions by him, but here is my arrangement of Panxoliña for recorder quartet.

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