Bach arrangements

Let’s make a post with all my Bach arrangements;

Publicly available in IMSLP:

And of course my arrangement of the Chaconne.

Only for my Patreon supporters:

  • Prelude in C in WTC I
  • Prelude in Ab from WTC II
  • Prelude in Bb from WTC I
  • Prelude in Bmin (transposed to Cmin) from WTC I

These can be heard performed by Papalin: http://papalin.yas.mu/W261/#M103


Christmas music


Last year I had the notion of arranging “Cantique de Noel” for 3 tenors (or other equal instruments). You can find the result¬†on IMSLP¬†under the Arrangements tab.

This year it’s “Es ist ein Ros entsprungen”.

Music only for my Patreon supporters this time.