Bach arrangements

Let’s make a post with all my Bach arrangements;

Publicly available in IMSLP:

And of course my arrangement of the Chaconne.

Only for my Patreon supporters:

  • Prelude in C in WTC I
  • Prelude in Ab from WTC II
  • Prelude in Bb from WTC I
  • Prelude in Bmin (transposed to Cmin) from WTC I

These can be heard performed by Papalin: http://papalin.yas.mu/W261/#M103


Improvisations, formalized


I regularly record my poolside improvisations at Deep Eddy and Barton Springs in Austin. It occurred to me to write out and arrange these improvisations.

Closing Hour is arranged for 3 voices, optimally TBG, but I have an ATB version too.

Blount is an in memoriam improvisation. The arrangement is more in the spirit of a low improvisation with occasional harmonic touches.

As always, scores are available to my patrons at https://www.patreon.com/FluteCore


Black Recorder

A fast and furious piece for twelve players.

How fast and furious? If my calculations are correct, this has 12 thousand notes, with over 4 per second average, and the fastest runs more than 10 notes per second. Since I’m just a humble amateur, surely there are plenty of recorder orchestras that will be able to take this on, right?